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QTSL/QSLD Qualified

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QTSL/QSLD Qualified

Following an extensive audit of the USBid quality management system, inspection processes, in-house testing facilities, and compliance with SAE- AS6081, USBid has been qualified by the US Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) to be included in their Qualified Testing Suppliers List (QTSL) program.

USBid has also been approved for the DLA Qualified Suppliers List of Distributors (QSLD) program.

These DLA authorizations further support USBid's position among the upper percentile of qualified independent and authorized distributors of electronic components, who combine accepted counterfeit mitigation practices and quality assurance procedures that are consistent with industry and international quality standards.


QTSL/QSLD Qualification

  • The QTSL Program mitigates the risk of nonconforming or counterfeit semiconductors and microcircuits entering the DLA Land and Maritime supply chain, through testing and other quality assurance measures.
  • Certifies USBid to supply the U.S. government, military and government contractors with Federal Stock Class (FSC) 5961 and 5962, military & commercial grade products, as stated in the Criteria and Provisions document for the QSLD/QTSL programs.
  • The QSLD Program establishes and maintains a list of pre-qualified sources for certain electronic components that are provided by suppliers that combine accepted commercial practices with quality assurance procedures that are consistent with industry and international standards.
  • QSLD confirmation certifies that USBid's in-house inventory is approved for sale in the DLA Land and Maritime supply chain.


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