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  • 26.Mar.19 | Mainstream Innovations, Inc - Sales Rep responded same day getting all my requirements and provided two source quotes.Very pleased to be working with this organization.
  • 14.Feb.19 | Erchonia - Purchased this/these parts previously with Jim Z. and just came back because he is a pleasure to do business with.
  • 03.Jan.19 | Barfield - Great customer support.
  • 19.Sep.18 | DeNora Water Technologies - Keep up the great work.
  • 13.Aug.18 | Honeywell - Keep up the good work.

MD015C DIPGuard

MD015C DIPGuard Series Datasheet

AVX MD01 50Volts X7R Two Pin DIP/DIPGuardĀ®

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MD015C101KAA MD015C102JAB MD015C102KAA MD015C102KAB
MD015C102MAA MD015C102MAB MD015C103JAB MD015C103KA
MD015C103KAA MD015C103KAB MD015C103MAA MD015C103MAB
MD015C104JAB MD015C104K MD015C104KA MD015C104KA0001
MD015C104KAA MD015C104KAB MD015C104KAT MD015C104KMA
MD015C104KPA MD015C104KRA MD015C104KSA MD015C104KXA
MD015C104M MD015C104MAA MD015C104MAB MD015C104MMA
MD015C104MPA MD015C104MR MD015C104MR0001 MD015C104MRA
MD015C104ZAA MD015C122KAA MD015C123KAA MD015C14KAA
MD015C151JAB MD015C151KAB MD015C152JAB MD015C152KAA
MD015C152KAB MD015C152MAB MD015C153KAA MD015C153KAB
MD015C221KAB MD015C222KAB MD015C222MAB MD015C223JAB
MD015C223KAA MD015C223KAB MD015C223KPA MD015C223MAA
MD015C224KAB MD015C271MAB MD015C273KAA MD015C273KAB
MD015C275KAA MD015C331KAB MD015C331MAB MD015C332KAB
MD015C333JAB MD015C333KAB MD015C333KPA MD015C333KS
MD015C391MAB MD015C393KAB MD015C471JAB MD015C471KAA
MD015C471KAB MD015C471MAB MD015C472KAA MD015C472KAB
MD015C472MAB MD015C473KAA MD015C473KAB MD015C473KPA
MD015C473MAB MD015C473MMA MD015C561KAA MD015C562JAB
MD015C562KAA MD015C562KAB MD015C562MAA MD015C563KAB
MD015C681KAB MD015C682JAA MD015C682JAB MD015C682KAA
MD015C682KAB MD015C823JAB

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