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  • 03.Jan.19 | Barfield - Great customer support.
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CAY16 Chip Resistor Arrays

CAY16 Chip Resistor Arrays Series Datasheet

BOURNS CAY16 Series - Chip Resistor Arrays

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CAY16-000J2 CAY16-000J2LF CAY16-000J4 CAY16-000J4LF
CAY16-1000F4LF CAY16-1001F4LF CAY16-1002F4 CAY16-1002F4LF
CAY16-1003F4 CAY16-1003F4LF CAY16-1004F4LF CAY16-100J2
CAY16-100J4 CAY16-100J4LF CAY16-101 J4LF CAY16-101J4
CAY16-101J8LF CAY16-102J CAY16-102J2LF CAY16-102J4
CAY16-102J4GLF CAY16-102J4LF CAY16-102J8LF CAY16-103J
CAY16-103J2LF CAY16-103J4 CAY16-103J4GLF CAY16-103J4LF
CAY16-103J4TR CAY16-103J8LF CAY16-103JLF CAY16-104 J4LF
CAY16-104J4 CAY16-105J4 CAY16-105J4LF CAY16-10R0F4LF
CAY16-1201F4LF CAY16-120J4LF CAY16-1210F4 CAY16-121J4
CAY16-121J4LF CAY16-122-J4LF CAY16-122J4 CAY16-123J4LF
CAY16-124J4LF CAY16-1501F4-LF CAY16-1502F4LF CAY16-150J4
CAY16-150J4LF CAY16-151J4 CAY16-151J4LF CAY16-152J4
CAY16-152J4LF CAY16-153J4 CAY16-153J4LF CAY16-154J4
CAY16-154J4LF CAY16-180J4LF CAY16-181J4 CAY16-181J4LF
CAY16-182J4 CAY16-182J4LF CAY16-183J4 CAY16-184J4LF
CAY16-2002F4LF CAY16-200J4 CAY16-200J4LF CAY16-201J4LF
CAY16-202J4LF CAY16-203J4 CAY16-203J4LF CAY16-2200F4LF
CAY16-2201F4LF CAY16-2202F4LF CAY16-220J2 CAY16-220J2LF
CAY16-220J4 CAY16-220J4LF CAY16-220J8LF CAY16-2210F4LF
CAY16-221J4 CAY16-221J4LF CAY16-222J CAY16-222J4
CAY16-222J4LF CAY16-223J4 CAY16-223J4LF CAY16-224J4LF
CAY16-22R0F4LF CAY16-240J4 CAY16-240J4LF CAY16-2702F4LF
CAY16-270J4 CAY16-270J4LF CAY16-271J4LF CAY16-272J4
CAY16-272J4LF CAY16-274J4LF CAY16-300J4 CAY16-300J4LF
CAY16-3011F4LF CAY16-302J4LF CAY16-30J4LF CAY16-3300F4LF
CAY16-3301F4LF CAY16-3302F4LF CAY16-330J4 CAY16-330J4LF
CAY16-330J8LF CAY16-331J4 CAY16-331J4LF CAY16-331J8LF
CAY16-332J4 CAY16-332J4LF CAY16-332J8LF CAY16-333J4
CAY16-333J4LF CAY16-334J4 CAY16-334J4LF CAY16-390J4
CAY16-390J4LF CAY16-391J4 CAY16-391J4LF CAY16-392J4LF
CAY16-39R0F4 CAY16-3R0J2LF CAY16-3R0J4LF CAY16-4640F4LF
CAY16-4700F4LF CAY16-4701F4LF CAY16-4702F4LF CAY16-470J4
CAY16-470J4LF CAY16-471J4 CAY16-471J4LF CAY16-472J2LF
CAY16-472J4 CAY16-472J4LF CAY16-472J4TR CAY16-472J8LF
CAY16-473 J4LF CAY16-473J4 CAY16-474J4 CAY16-474J4LF
CAY16-47R0F4LF CAY16-4990F4 CAY16-4991F4 CAY16-49R9F4LF
CAY16-510J4 CAY16-510J4LF CAY16-511J4LF CAY16-512J4LF
CAY16-513J4 CAY16-513J4LF CAY16-560J4 CAY16-560J4LF
CAY16-561J4LF CAY16-561J8LF CAY16-5621F4LF CAY16-562J4LF
CAY16-563J4 CAY16-563J4LF CAY16-6041F4LF CAY16-620J4
CAY16-620J4LF CAY16-6800F4LF CAY16-680J4 CAY16-680J4LF
CAY16-6813F4LF CAY16-681J4 CAY16-681J4LF CAY16-682J4
CAY16-682J4LF CAY16-683J4 CAY16-750J4 CAY16-750J4LF
CAY16-8201F4LF CAY16-820J4 CAY16-820J4LF CAY16-822J4
CAY16-822J4LF CAY16-823J4LF
CAY16 Chip Resistor Arrays Series Part Photos
CAY16-332J4LF photos
CAY16-332J4LF (4)

CAY16 Chip Resistor Arrays

Qty Required:   Part #:  
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CAY16 Chip Resistor Arrays Part Photos
CAY16-332J4LF photos
CAY16-332J4LF photos
CAY16-332J4LF photos
CAY16-332J4LF photos

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