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  • 26.Mar.19 | Mainstream Innovations, Inc - Sales Rep responded same day getting all my requirements and provided two source quotes.Very pleased to be working with this organization.
  • 14.Feb.19 | Erchonia - Purchased this/these parts previously with Jim Z. and just came back because he is a pleasure to do business with.
  • 03.Jan.19 | Barfield - Great customer support.
  • 19.Sep.18 | DeNora Water Technologies - Keep up the great work.
  • 13.Aug.18 | Honeywell - Keep up the good work.

90 Series wirewound axial terminal resistors available

90 Series wirewound axial terminal resistors available Series Datasheet

The Ohmite 90 Series is a Lead Free Vitreous Enamel Molded Axial Term. Wirewound, 5% Tolerance Standard

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5905-00-082-7410 93JR10 93JR14 93JR5
94J002Q020K0 94J87880 94JP1071 95J100
95J1001005 95J1004592 95J100E 95J10K
95J10KE 95J10R 95J10R-10 95J10RE
95J110 95J110E 95J11K 95J11R
95J120 95J120E 95J1251255 95J12K
95J12R 95J12RE 95J130 95J130E
95J13K 95J13R 95J13R135 95J13RE
95J150 95J150E 95J15K 95J15KE
95J15R 95J15RE 95J160 95J160E
95J16K 95J16R 95J16RE 95J180
95J180E 95J18K 95J18KE 95J18R
95J18RE 95J1K0 95J1K0E 95J1K1
95J1K2 95J1K2E 95J1K3 95J1K5
95J1K5E 95J1K6 95J1K6E 95J1K8
95J1R0 95J1R015 95J1R01OHM 95J1R0E
95J1R2 95J1R2E 95J1R3 95J1R41
95J1R5 95J1R5E 95J1R8E 95J200
95J200E 95J20K 95J20KE 95J20R
95J20R205 95J20RE 95J220 95J220E
95J22K 95J22R 95J22RE 95J240
95J24K 95J24R 95J24RE 95J250
95J2502505 95J250E 95J25K 95J25KE
95J25R 95J25RE 95J270 95J270E
95J27R 95J27R275 95J2K0 95J2K0E
95J2K2 95J2K222K5 95J2K22K5 95J2K2E
95J2K4 95J2K5 95J2K5E 95J2K7
95J2R0 95J2R0E 95J2R2 95J2R4
95J2R4E 95J2R7 95J2R7E 95J300
95J300E 95J30R 95J30R305 95J30RE
95J330 95J33R 95J33RE 95J350
95J3503505 95J350E 95J35R 95J390
95J390E 95J39R 95J39R-4576 95J39RE
95J3K0 95J3K0E 95J3K3 95J3K3E
95J3K5 95J3K6 95J3K6E 95J3K9
95J3K939K5 95J3K9E 95J3R0 95J3R0B
95J3R0E 95J3R3 95J3R6 95J3R6E
95J3R9 95J3R9E 95J400 95J400E
95J400R 95J40R 95J40RE 95J43R
95J43RE 95J450 95J45R 95J470
95J470E 95J47R 95J47RE 95J4K0
95J4K0E 95J4K3 95J4K3E 95J4K5
95J4K7 95J4K7E 95J4R0 95J4R0E
95J4R7 95J4R7E 95J500 95J500E
95J50R 95J50RE 95J510 95J510E
95J560 95J560E 95J56R 95J56RE
95J5K0 95J5K05K5 95J5K0E 95J5K1
95J5K6 95J5K6E 95J5R0 95J5R0E
95J5R1 95J5R6 95J5R6E 95J600
95J6006005 95J600E 95J60RE 95J620
95J620E 95J62R 95J62RE 95J680
95J68R 95J68RE 95J6K0 95J6K0E
95J6K2 95J6K2E 95J6K8 95J6K8E
95J6R2 95J6R2E 95J6R8 95J6R8685
95J6R8E 95J700 95J700E 95J750
95J750E 95J75R 95J75R-4587 95J75RE
95J7K0 95J7K0E 95J7K5 95J7R5
95J7R5E 95J800 95J820 95J82R
95J82RE 95J8K0 95J8K2 95J8R2
95J8R2E 95J900 95J910 95J91R
95J91RE 95J9K0 95J9K09K5 95J9K1
95J9R1 95JR2 95JR56E

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