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  • 03.Jan.19 | Barfield - Great customer support.
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70F Varnished RF Chokes

70F Varnished RF Chokes Series Datasheet

BOURNS 70F Varnished RF Chokes, High voltage application on phenolic and ferrite components

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70F101AF 70F101AF-RC 70F102A1 70F102AI
70F102AI-RC 70F103AI 70F104AI 70F104AI-RC
70F105AI 70F105AI-RC 70F106AI 70F106AI-RC
70F107AP 70F121AF 70F121AF-RC 70F122AI-RC
70F123AI 70F124AI 70F124AI-RC 70F125AI
70F125AI-RC 70F151AF-RC 70F152AI 70F153AI
70F154AI 70F155A1 70F155AI 70F155AI-RC
70F156AI 70F156AI-RC 70F157AP 70F182AI
70F182AI-RC 70F183AI 70F184AI 70F185AI
70F185AI-RC 70F186AI-RC 70F204AI 70F221AF
70F221AF-RC 70F222AI 70F222AI-RC 70F223AI
70F224AI 70F224AI-RC 70F225A1 70F225AI
70F226AI 70F226AI-RC 70F227AP 70F251AF
70F251AF-RC 70F252AF 70F253AI-RC 70F254AI
70F255A1 70F255AI 70F271AF 70F271AF-RC
70F272AF 70F272AF-RC 70F273AI 70F274AI
70F274AI-RC 70F275AI 70F275AI-RC 70F276AI
70F3003A-33V853A 70F3007GC-25 70F3025A-33 70F304AI
70F3102AGJ-33MS1 70F3237AM1GJA2 70F331AF 70F332AF
70F333AI 70F333AI-RC 70F334A1 70F334AI
70F334AI-RC 70F335AI 70F336AI 70F337AP
70F354A1 70F354AI 70F391AF-RC 70F392AF
70F392AF-RC 70F393AI 70F394AI 70F395AI
70F396AI 70F396AI-RC 70F471AF 70F472AF
70F473AI 70F473AI-RC 70F474A1 70F474AI
70F474AI-RC 70F475AI 70F476AI 70F477AP
70F477AP-RC 70F501AF 70F502AF 70F502AF-RC
70F504A1 70F504AI 70F504AI-RC 70F5563AI
70F562AF-RC 70F563AI 70F563AI-RC 70F564AI-RC
70F565AI 70F565AI-RC 70F566AI 70F683A1
70F683AI 70F685AI 70F685AI-RC 70F705
70F752AF 70F752AF-RC 70F753AI 70F753AI-RC
70F754AI 70F754AI-RC 70F755AI 70F756AI
70F756AI-RC 70F757AP 70F822AF 70F823AI
70F824AI 70F824AI-RC 70F825AI 70F825AI-RC
70F826A1 70F826AI 70F827AP 70F912AF
70F912AF-RC 70F913AI 70F914AI 70F914AI-RC
70F915AI 70F916AI
70F Varnished RF Chokes Series Part Photos
70F102A1 photos
70F102A1 (3)

70F Varnished RF Chokes

70F Varnished RF Chokes Part Photos
70F102A1 photos
70F102A1 photos
70F102A1 photos

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