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382LX Snap-In Aluminum

382LX Snap-In Aluminum Series Datasheet

The CDE (Cornell Dubilier) excellent value of Type 380L/LX capacitors finds application in switching power supply input and output circuits and even motor drives where the high surface area of multiple units in parallel approaches the ripple capability of our Type 520C computer-grade capacitor. Type 380LX delivers more capacitance per can size while Type 380L available in the largest case sizes gives lower ESR for the same capacitance. Types 382L and 382LX give the choice of 4 or 5 leads for stable, reverse proof mounting.

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382LX102M350N052 382LX102M400A082 382LX102M400N062 382LX102M450A082
382LX102M450B062V 382LX102M500B082VP 382LX102M500B082VS 382LX103M080A062
382LX103M080N052 382LX103M100A082 382LX103M100N062M 382LX103M200B102V
382LX103M200B102VS 382LX122M400A082 382LX122M400B052VS 382LX122M400N062VS
382LX122M450N082 382LX122M450N082V 382LX122M500B082VS 382LX123M080A082
382LX123M080N062 382LX123M100N082 382LX152M250A052 382LX152M400B062VS
382LX152M400N082 382LX152M400N082M 382LX152M40N02V 382LX152M450B082VS
382LX152M450N102V 382LX152M500B102VS 382LX153M025N042 382LX153M100B062VS
382LX182M450B092VS 382LX183M063A082 382LX183M063A082M 382LX183M100B082VS
382LX222M200N042 382LX222M400B092VS 382LX222M400B102V 382LX223M050A052
382LX223M063N062 382LX223M063N082 382LX223M080B062VS 382LX223M100B092VS
382LX272M250B052VS 382LX272M400B102VS 382LX273M050A062 382LX273M080B082VS
382LX273M100B102VS 382LX332M200N062 382LX332M250N082 382LX333M035A052
382LX333M050A082 382LX333M080B092VS 382LX391M500N052 382LX392M200N082
382LX393M035N052 382LX471M450A052 382LX472M200B062V 382LX472M250B082V
382LX473M035N062 382LX473M050B062VS 382LX561M400A052 382LX561M400A052M
382LX561M500B052VS 382LX561M500N062 382LX562M160N082V 382LX562M160N82V
382LX682M200B082VS 382LX682M250B102VS 382LX683M025A082 382LX752M250B102VS
382LX821M450A082 382LX821M450N062 382LX821M500B062VS 382LX822M200B092VS

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