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  • 26.Mar.19 | Mainstream Innovations, Inc - Sales Rep responded same day getting all my requirements and provided two source quotes.Very pleased to be working with this organization.
  • 14.Feb.19 | Erchonia - Purchased this/these parts previously with Jim Z. and just came back because he is a pleasure to do business with.
  • 03.Jan.19 | Barfield - Great customer support.
  • 19.Sep.18 | DeNora Water Technologies - Keep up the great work.
  • 13.Aug.18 | Honeywell - Keep up the good work.

0805CS-2 series chip inductors

0805CS-2 series chip inductors Series Datasheet

Coilcraft is the original manufacturer of 0805CS series inductors, 10% tolerance no longer offered. Change 'K' to 'J' for 5% tolerance and second to last letter to 'E' for new RoHS halogen-free part number. Wirewound construction provides the highest SRFs in 0805 size

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0805CS-211XGBC 0805CS-220EJPS 0805CS-220EJTS 0805CS-220TJBC
0805CS-220XFBC 0805CS-220XGB 0805CS-220XGBB 0805CS-220XGBC
0805CS-220XGLB 0805CS-220XGLC 0805CS-220XGLD 0805CS-220XGSB
0805CS-220XGSC 0805CS-220XJB 0805CS-220XJBB 0805CS-220XJBC
0805CS-220XJBD 0805CS-220XJL 0805CS-220XJLB 0805CS-220XJLC
0805CS-220XKBB 0805CS-220XKBC 0805CS-220XMB 0805CS-220XMBB
0805CS-220XMBC 0805CS-220XMLC 0805CS-221EFS 0805CS-221EGTS
0805CS-221EJPS 0805CS-221EJTS 0805CS-221EKPS 0805CS-221EKTS
0805CS-221XGB 0805CS-221XGBB 0805CS-221XGBC 0805CS-221XGEC
0805CS-221XGL 0805CS-221XGLB 0805CS-221XGLC 0805CS-221XGLR
0805CS-221XJB 0805CS-221XJBB 0805CS-221XJBC 0805CS-221XJEB
0805CS-221XJEC 0805CS-221XJLB 0805CS-221XJLC 0805CS-221XJSB
0805CS-221XKB 0805CS-221XKBB 0805CS-221XKBC 0805CS-221XKBL
0805CS-221XKLC 0805CS-221XKSC 0805CS-222EFS 0805CS-222EJFS
0805CS-240XGB 0805CS-240XGBB 0805CS-240XGBC 0805CS-240XGLB
0805CS-240XGLC 0805CS-240XJB 0805CS-240XJBB 0805CS-240XJBC
0805CS-240XJL 0805CS-240XJLB 0805CS-240XJLC 0805CS-241XGB
0805CS-241XGBB 0805CS-241XGBC 0805CS-241XGEC 0805CS-241XGL
0805CS-241XGLB 0805CS-241XGLC 0805CS-241XGSB 0805CS-241XJB
0805CS-241XJBB 0805CS-241XJBC 0805CS-241XJLC 0805CS-251XGBC
0805CS-251XJBC 0805CS-261XJBB 0805CS-261XJBC 0805CS-270EGPS
0805CS-270EGTS 0805CS-270EJPS 0805CS-270EJTS 0805CS-270EKPS
0805CS-270EKTS 0805CS-270EMPS 0805CS-270XGB 0805CS-270XGBB
0805CS-270XGBC 0805CS-270XGBS 0805CS-270XGEC 0805CS-270XGLB
0805CS-270XGLC 0805CS-270XJB 0805CS-270XJBB 0805CS-270XJBC
0805CS-270XJL 0805CS-270XJLB 0805CS-270XJLC 0805CS-270XKBC
0805CS-270XMB 0805CS-270XMBB 0805CS-270XMBC 0805CS-271EFS
0805CS-271EGTS 0805CS-271EKPS 0805CS-271XBC 0805CS-271XGB
0805CS-271XGBB 0805CS-271XGBC 0805CS-271XGL 0805CS-271XGLB
0805CS-271XGLC 0805CS-271XGRC 0805CS-271XJB 0805CS-271XJBC
0805CS-271XJLB 0805CS-271XJLC 0805CS-271XJSC 0805CS-271XKBB
0805CS-271XKBC 0805CS-271XKLC 0805CS-272EFS 0805CS-272EGTS
0805CS-2 series chip inductors Series Part Photos
0805CS-222EJFS photos
0805CS-222EJFS (3)

0805CS-2 series chip inductors

0805CS-2 series chip inductors Part Photos
0805CS-222EJFS photos
0805CS-222EJFS photos
0805CS-222EJFS photos

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