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0603 Ceramic Capacitors 100V

0603 Ceramic Capacitors 100V Series Datasheet

AVX C0G (NP0) ceramics offer one of the most stable capacitor dielectrics available. Capacitance change with temperature is 0 ±30ppm/°C which is less than ±0.3% C from -55°C to +125°C. Capacitance drift or hysteresis for C0G (NP0) ceramics is negligible at less than ±0.05% versus up to ±2% for films.

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06031A0R5BAT2A 06031A0R5CAT2A 06031A100CAT2A 06031A100FAT2A
06031A100GAT2A 06031A100JAT2A 06031A100JAT4A 06031A100KAT2A
06031A100KAT4A 06031A101FAT2A 06031A101GAT2A 06031A101JA12A
06031A101JAJ4A 06031A101JAT2A 06031A101JAT4A 06031A101JATMA
06031A101K4T2A 06031A101KAT2A 06031A103JAT2A 06031A120FAT2A
06031A120GAT2A 06031A120JAT2A 06031A120KAT2A 06031A120LAT2A
06031A121FAT2A 06031A121GAT2A 06031A121JAT2A 06031A121KAT2A
06031A130JAT2A 06031A1502FKHFT 06031A150FAT2A 06031A150GAT2A
06031A150GAT4A 06031A150GAT7A 06031A150GAT9A 06031A150JAT2A
06031A150JAT4A 06031A150KAT2A 06031A151FAT2A 06031A151FAT4A
06031A151GAT2A 06031A151J4T2A 06031A151JAT2A 06031A151KAT2A
06031A151KAT4A 06031A160JAT2A 06031A180FAT2A 06031A180GAT2A
06031A180JAT2A 06031A180JAT4A 06031A180KAT2A 06031A181FAT2A
06031A181JAT2A 06031A181KAT2A 06031A1F18DAT2A 06031A1R0BAT2A
06031A1R0CAT2A 06031A1R0DAT2A 06031A1R2CAT2A 06031A1R5BAT2A
06031A1R5CAT2A 06031A1R5CAT4A 06031A1R8CAT2A 06031A1R8DAT2A
06031A200JAT2A 06031A200KAT2A 06031A220CAT2A 06031A220FAT2A
06031A220GAT2A 06031A220JA72A 06031A220JAT2A 06031A220JAT4A
06031A220JATMA 06031A220KAJ2A 06031A220KAT2A 06031A220KAT4A
06031A221FAT2A 06031A221J4T2A 06031A221JA700J 06031A221JAT1A
06031A221JAT2A 06031A221JAT4A 06031A221KAT2A 06031A240FAT2A
06031A240JAT2A 06031A240KAT2A 06031A270FAT2A 06031A270GAT2A
06031A270JAT2A 06031A270JAT4A 06031A270JATMA 06031A270KAT2A
06031A271FAT2A 06031A271JAT2A 06031A2R0CAT2A 06031A2R0CAT4R
06031A2R2BAT2A 06031A2R2CAT2A 06031A2R2KAT2A 06031A2R7BAT2A
06031A2R7CAT2A 06031A2R7DAT2A 06031A300JAT2A 06031A330FAT2A
06031A330GAT2A 06031A330J4T2A 06031A330JAJ2A 06031A330JAJ4A
06031A330JAT2A 06031A330JAT4A 06031A330KAT2A 06031A330KAT4A
06031A331J4T2A 06031A331JA700J 06031A331JAT2A 06031A33R0JLHFT
06031A360FAT2A 06031A390FAT2A 06031A390JAT2A 06031A390JAT4A
06031A3R0CAT2A 06031A3R0CAT4A 06031A3R3BAT2A 06031A3R3BAT4A
06031A3R3CAT2A 06031A3R3DAT2A 06031A3R9BAT2A 06031A3R9CAT2A
06031A3R9DAT2A 06031A430JAT2A 06031A470FAT2A 06031A470GAT2A
06031A470JAJ2A 06031A470JAJ4A 06031A470JAT2A 06031A470JAT4A
06031A470JATMA 06031A470KAJ2A 06031A470KAT2A 06031A470KAT4A
06031A471KAT2A 06031A4R0BAT4A 06031A4R0CAT2A 06031A4R0JAT2A
06031A4R7BAT2A 06031A4R7CA700J 06031A4R7CAT2A 06031A4R7CAT4A
06031A510JAT2A 06031A560FAT2A 06031A560GAT2A 06031A560JAJ4A
06031A560JAT2A 06031A560KAT2A 06031A5R0CAT2A 06031A5R0CAT2P
06031A5R1CAT2A 06031A5R1DAT2A 06031A5R6CAT2A 06031A680FAT2A
06031A680J4T2A 06031A680JAT2A 06031A680JAT4A 06031A680KAT2A
06031A6R8BAT2A 06031A6R8CAT2A 06031A6R8DAT2A 06031A750JAT2A
06031A7R5CAT2A 06031A820JAT2A 06031A8R0CAT2A 06031A8R0D4T2A
06031A8R2CAT2A 06031A8R2DAT2A 06031AR68CAT2A 06031AR75CAT2A
0603 Ceramic Capacitors 100V Package Types
family combined
Surface Mount Device (SMD)

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