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  • 03.Jan.19 | Barfield - Great customer support.
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  • 13.Aug.18 | Honeywell - Keep up the good work.

0402CS-3 Chip Inductors

0402CS-3 Chip Inductors Series Datasheet

Coilcraft introduced the industry’s first 0402 wirewound inductor. This series shares all of the characteristics of Coilcraft’s other ceramic inductors: exceptionally high Q factors, especially at use frequencies; outstanding self-resonant frequency; tight inductance tolerance; and excellent batch-to-batch consistency.

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0402CS-30NXGBU 0402CS-30NXGBW 0402CS-30NXGLU 0402CS-30NXGLW
0402CS-30NXJB 0402CS-30NXJBU 0402CS-30NXJBW 0402CS-30NXJL
0402CS-30NXJLW 0402CS-30NXJRW 0402CS-30NXL 0402CS-33NXGBW
0402CS-33NXGL 0402CS-33NXGLU 0402CS-33NXGLW 0402CS-33NXJB
0402CS-33NXJBU 0402CS-33NXJBW 0402CS-33NXJLU 0402CS-33NXJLW
0402CS-33NXL 0402CS-36NXGBU 0402CS-36NXGBW 0402CS-36NXGLU
0402CS-36NXGLW 0402CS-36NXJB 0402CS-36NXJBG 0402CS-36NXJBU
0402CS-36NXJBW 0402CS-36NXJLU 0402CS-36NXJLW 0402CS-36NXL
0402CS-37NXJBW 0402CS-37NXJLW 0402CS-38NXJRW 0402CS-39NXGBW
0402CS-39NXGL 0402CS-39NXGLU 0402CS-39NXGLW 0402CS-39NXJB
0402CS-39NXJBW 0402CS-39NXJLG 0402CS-39NXJLU 0402CS-39NXJLW
0402CS-39NXL 0402CS-3N3XGBW 0402CS-3N3XGL 0402CS-3N3XGLU
0402CS-3N3XGLW 0402CS-3N3XGLWTR 0402CS-3N3XJB 0402CS-3N3XJB0
0402CS-3N3XJBG 0402CS-3N3XJBU 0402CS-3N3XJBW 0402CS-3N3XJLU
0402CS-3N3XJLW 0402CS-3N3XKBW 0402CS-3N3XL 0402CS-3N6XGB
0402CS-3N6XGBU 0402CS-3N6XGBW 0402CS-3N6XGLU 0402CS-3N6XGLW
0402CS-3N6XJB 0402CS-3N6XJBG 0402CS-3N6XJBU 0402CS-3N6XJBW
0402CS-3N6XJL 0402CS-3N6XJLU 0402CS-3N6XJLW 0402CS-3N6XKB
0402CS-3N6XL 0402CS-3N9XGBU 0402CS-3N9XGBW 0402CS-3N9XGL
0402CS-3N9XGLU 0402CS-3N9XGLW 0402CS-3N9XJB 0402CS-3N9XJBG
0402CS-3N9XJBU 0402CS-3N9XJBW 0402CS-3N9XJL 0402CS-3N9XJLU
0402CS-3N9XJLW 0402CS-3N9XL 0402CS-3NXGLU 0402CS-3NXJBW

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