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Whose Job is it Anyway?

The Responsibility to Stop Counterfeit Electronics

If you are immersed in the world of technology, you are well aware that counterfeit electronic parts are an increasingly hard-to-combat problem. Knowing the problem is one thing. But how can they be stopped? Who is responsible for putting an end to counterfeit electronic parts?

Some say it’s the consumer. If only consumers wouldn’t buy counterfeit electronics, there would be no market for them and the counterfeiters would stop. That makes sense! The problem is, not all consumers are aware of counterfeiting. Other consumers are aware, but they have no way of detecting the counterfeits since they cannot be found with the naked eye. Still other consumers view counterfeits the same way they see generic brands at the grocery store. As long as they get an inexpensive product, who cares about its parts?

Others say the government is responsible. The government needs to have strictly enforced trading laws with the countries who are known for selling electronic counterfeits. But the fact is, even if legal trade was perfectly regulated, there are smugglers to contend with. The government needs to crack down on smugglers, too.

Still others say that companies are responsible for ending counterfeiting. They can educate their consumers to be on the lookout especially if there have been known cases of their products being counterfeited. Companies can also pay careful attention to the selection of their electronic component suppliers.

Many companies say it is the suppliers of electronic components who should bear the weight of responsibility. USBid, Inc. agrees. That’s why we have been meticulously working alongside AAA Test Labs to ensure that each electronic component sold by USBid, Inc. is the genuine part. When you order from us, we are partnering together to combat the global problem of counterfeit electronic components. Together we can make a difference!

Contact our multi-lingual sales team, or give us a call at (321) 725-9565, to order with confidence the genuine electronic components you need.


Author   by Admin
  May 30, 2017


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