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What is QTSL/QSLD?

What is QTSL/QSLD Qualification? What does it mean to you, our customer?

Recently, we announced that USBid, Inc. has received QTSL/QSLD qualification. This is a proud moment for us here! And we are excited to share this news with you, our customer, as it allows you to shop with confidence secure in the knowledge that you are receiving genuine parts for your project needs.

What is it?

QTSL stands for Qualified Testing Suppliers List and QSLD stands for Qualified Suppliers List of Distributors. These qualifications are given by the United States Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). In simple terms, the DLA is the largest logistics combat support agency. The agency works tirelessly and precisely during peacetime and wartime to be sure our troops around the globe have the supplies they need. This includes everyday life items like food and uniforms in addition to parts and equipment for their military service vehicles and support equipment.

Part of why the DLA is able to support our military so effectively is because they have these certification programs to ensure that only the highest quality supplies are used by our military with no chance of counterfeit parts which is vital when purchasing FSC 5961 (semiconductors) and FSC 5962 (microcircuits). FSC stands for Federal Stock Classes. Just like the Dewey Decimal System has a call number for each topic in the library under which books are classified, the FSC is comprised of numbers assigned to a group of commodities. Now, USBid, Inc. has been recognized as a highest quality supplier. This elite group of QTSL certified suppliers has only twenty-one members. There are only forty who hold QSLD certification. And USBid, Inc. is in each of these elite lists!

What did we do to get the qualifications?

The qualification process began with an extensive application which is reviewed and processed by the DLA. Next, the DLA came to audit our facility to ensure that our facility has all the quality management systems and processes in-place and in-use which are required. During the audit, random samples are chosen to be tested.

Why is this program needed?

Part of why this certification is needed is to protect our military against the disasters that come with using counterfeit parts. In a Senate Armed Services committee report in 2009 and 2010 there were 1,800 cases of suspected counterfeit parts in the defense supply chain. Most counterfeit parts come from China according to this same Senate report. The standards in China are not what they are in the U.S. The U.S. makes sure that parts are made in an extremely clean environment since even a little speck of dust can negatively effect an electrical component. But in China they are made in dirty factories and some are even set outside to be washed in the rain and then dried in the sun and sorted through by women and children into plastic bins.

Counterfeit parts pave the way for a product to work improperly causing danger or even death.

Even if a counterfeit part does not lead to danger, it still can have disastrous results. Companies and government agencies could lose billions of dollars each year fixing mistakes made from counterfeit parts not to mention precious time spent rebuilding or problem solving when a counterfeit part causes an error.

USBid, Inc. has always been dedicated to this fight against counterfeit parts. We are grateful for the recognition from the DLA for what we have already long been committed to—keeping out counterfeit parts.

What does it mean for you?

The same genuine semiconductors and microcircuits that the U.S. government certifies and trusts for their defense program is offered to you, our customer. We want you to have the best for your project. And that is just what we have always offered to you. Now, we have the QTSL/QSLD qualification to prove it.


Author   by Admin
  August 23, 2016


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