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Turn Up the Temperature on Holiday Giving with The Nest Learning Thermostat and US Bid, Inc.

Did you ever play the “thermostat game” with your spouse? You know; as you are leaving for work, before you have even pulled out of the driveway, she turns up the thermostat since the house feels so cold to her. At the end of the day, you return home from work and walk into a sauna! At least, the warmth of the house makes it feel like one. So, like a ninja, you tiptoe over to the thermostat to turn down the temperature hoping she won’t notice. But, of course, she does and after complaining to you about how you are freezing her out of house and home, she bumps up the heat again. And so it goes season after season, up and down, up and down…

Did you know you can now play the thermostat game effortlessly on autopilot?

The hot item this giving season is The Nest Learning Thermostat. Unlike a traditional programmable thermostat where you must manually punch in times and days and temperatures, The Nest learns your temperature preferences in your daily routine so that you don’t need to think at all about entering in data. She wants it warmer in the day? No problem. The Nest knows it. You want it cooler in the evening? The Nest knows when you come home from work and will want cooler temperatures.

If you ever want to change the temperature manually, you can do so through your tablet, smartphone, or laptop through your WiFi.

So much energy is wasted when cooling or heating an empty home. But with The Nest, there is an auto-away feature that automatically turns itself down when no one is in the home. Since your heating and cooling system uses about 50% of your home’s energy, this step will go a long way in saving you money on energy bills.

Currently, the Second and Third Generation Nest are in stores.

Although the Second Generation Nest is built to last, if at some point there is a problem that needs to be fixed, The Nest is easily repairable both because of its easily accessible design and because US Bid, Inc. carries many of the parts needed for repairs.

Anything you can fix yourself rather than replace is savings for your home.

Take a look at these parts that US Bid, Inc. carries that are included in The Nest:

* ST Microelectronics STM32L151VB

* Texas Instruments LW051A 8-Channel CMOS analog multiplexer/demultiplexer

* Microprocessor Texas Instruments AM3703CUS

Easy to install and easily repaired, The Nest will save you money for years to come. Happy Holidays from US Bid, Inc.!


Author   by Admin
  January 3, 2017


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