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Safety or a Danger? Driverless Cars and the Manufacturers Behind the Wheel

Whether you think the driverless car is a danger to people or a success of human engineering, it is now a reality. Several major companies are now making self-driving cars. Since the cars are not on the public roads, we have yet to know how these feats of technology will fare in the real world.

Are they a danger?

One thing a human can do that a computer cannot is think. Experts have been working on creating computers that can "think” or have the capacity for deep learning. The question is: can the deep learning of the processors be trusted?

Emergency responders and law enforcement envision driverless cars will enable criminals to shoot while they are getting away or doing any other criminal act that can be imagined now that their hands don’t need to be on the steering wheel and their eyes don’t need to be on the road. Or the scenario could be worse. Would terrorists use the cars to transport explosive devices? Like a suicide bombing without the suicide?

Are they safer?

On the other hand, driverless cars could be safer than a human driver. No amount of screaming children, text messages, sleeplessness, or drunkenness can distract a computer. Accidents on the road are caused everyday by drivers who are affected by these things.

Some law enforcement officers can see how driverless cars could drive the most efficiently when needing to get somewhere quickly.

Whether or not you think driverless cars are dangerous or safe, they are a reality. Experts say they could be on the road as early as next year.

Although driverless cars are new technology, the manufacturers behind the electronic components in this new technology are proven leaders in the field. For years, USBid, Inc. has proudly been selling parts from many of these innovative manufacturers such as Nvidia, Qualcomm, Xilinx, and Samsung.


Author   by Admin
  June 27, 2017


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