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Preventing Counterfeit Electronic Components

Over the years, there have been many instances of the discovery of counterfeit electronic parts. Sometimes, a company knowingly uses counterfeit parts and other times the business or company had no knowledge of the counterfeit electronics.

For example, in 2011,according to the Washington post ,a congressional probe found at least 1,800 cases of counterfeit electronics in U.S. weapons. Plus there were hundreds of thousands of additional suspect parts.

Not only do counterfeit parts cost an exorbitant amount of money to replace (tax-payer dollars in this case), the counterfeit parts put lives at risk.

Since these counterfeit operations have come to light, many have worked to get counterfeit parts out of the supply chain.

Long before the 2011 congressional probe, USBid, Inc. had been working on eliminating the usage of counterfeit electronic components.

Still today, USBid, Inc. is proactively working with AAA Test Lab. Unlike counterfeit items in other realms, it’s not possible to identify a counterfeit electronic component by a simple visual inspection. That’s why the AAA Test Lab includes temp cycling, speed certification, burn-in testing, and electrical characterization.

The AAA Test Lab is so well-respected that we have received QTSL/QSLD certification from the DLA. This certification, in addition to other certifications and memberships, communicates to our customers our meticulous concern that the parts we sell are authentic.

Every buyer of electronic components can trust that electronic components sold by USBid, Inc. are the “real deal.” We treat every order, large or small, military or civilian, with the same amount of exacting care.


Author   by Admin
  January 30, 2017


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