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Low-Cost Electrical Test for Semiconductors

Sentry - Counterfeit IC Detector

Sentry is a powerful instrument used by USBid, Inc. to ensure that our customer's components are authentic. Detection of counterfeit components is a priority for USBid, Inc. One of the most common counterfeiting problems is remarked products. Counterfeiters remove the reference from the package and replace it with a new one. Sometimes a different part number, brand, or speed and passes off the semiconductor to an unsuspecting buyer.

Sentry is a PC driven product and uses a sophisticated PinPrint Test Analysis algorithm to check the authenticity of parts in seconds. USBid, Inc. utilizes this powerful technology for determining counterfeit electronic component parts.

How it works:

There is primarily a four pin correlation at the testing station. The unit learns one device, a known exemplar, or right part. Then it compares the rest of the units to that learned device. From the welcome screen, we click on the learn command key, we then select a new device. We input the device information to include part number and manufacturer. Next, we choose the socket size or pin count that we'll be using on the ABI Sentry Counterfeit IC Detector.

The technician hits okay after putting that information put into the system. Then we hit learn, and the system begins to learn each pin.

After the system learns the component, we save the information, to include that part profile in the library. We can begin testing at this point. We insert one of our units into the socket and then hit test. The computer will then compare the learned device to the new device and display the results on the screen.

A full report is generated to protect our customers.

The proliferation of counterfeit products into the electronic component supply chain poses a real threat. It requires constant vigilance to combat this problem. USBid, Inc. has an upgraded inspection facility and continues to invest heavily in AAACTL (AAA Test Lab), our test facility using the latest counterfeit detection and analysis equipment. Product inspection is the front line for quality where USBid, Inc. is concerned.

Contact USBid, Inc. to answer any questions you may have regarding low-cost electronic tests for semiconductors.


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  August 1, 2019


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