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How the U.S. Navy Finds Obsolete Parts

We go through life assuming that companies will always be making the things that we want. However, in the electronics industry, this is simply not the case. Why not?

Technology changes at a breakneck speed. Tech companies cannot be left behind by the competition. They are constantly working on producing the latest and greatest. Previous technology becomes outdated in the blink of an eye. Once a product is outdated, manufacturers stop producing the electronic components needed for the old technology. When production stops, the part becomes obsolete and the manufacturer no longer offers the part for sale.

This may not be too much of a problem for consumer electronics, but what if the obsolete part effects something much greater like the U.S. Military?

That’s exactly what happened to the U.S. Navy in 2013. That year, the U.S. Navy was notified that Xilinx, Inc. would no longer be making the 1.5 volt Virtex II field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). This was a problem. This Xilinx, Inc. part, XC2V250-4FG456C, is a key component for maintaining missile systems, radar systems, missile launchers, and other weapons systems that are carried on board the ships. Without the electronic component, the U.S. Navy would not be able to effectively protect the waters nor would they be able to launch an offensive if needed.

Of course, the U.S. Navy could have just installed a brand new weapons system in light of the obsolete part. But it would be massively expensive to redo all the systems just because one part was discontinued. It would be a misuse of tax dollars. It would be like throwing away designer jeans just because they lost a button. What a waste! So what could the U.S. Navy do?

The U.S. Navy decided to be proactive and build up a store of the replacement Xilinx, Inc. part, XC2V250-4FG456C. They put out a call to reliable, certified electronic distributors and let them know that the military was in need of the part.

The good news is that the U.S. Navy was able to locate many replacement electronic components through sellers like USBid, Inc. In fact, still today, USBid, Inc. has the XC2V250-4FG456C, part listed in our catalog.

USBid, Inc. is known for having a wide selection of obsolete or discontinued parts. Because we have the AAA Test Lab, we guarantee our parts are genuine since every part is tested to protect the supply chain from counterfeit parts. Our QTSL/QSLD qualifications mean that our products meet the high standards required by the Defense Logistics Agency. This means that any purchaser, military or civilian, can order from USBid, Inc. with confidence.

When a company hears that a part they rely on is being discontinued, there is frustration, stress, and a scramble to stock pile the part. But you can keep calm and soldier on, with USBid, Inc.’s extensive listings of obsolete parts in our online parts catalog.


Author   by Admin
  November 28, 2017


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