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How Do Counterfeits Make It To Market?

Counterfeits are part of every industry. Governments, manufacturers, and consumers do their best to prevent them from entering the market. Unfortunately, electronic counterfeiting is a very real problem. USBid is committed to selling components that are backed by an in-house test lab capable of exceeding industry standards for detection of counterfeit and substandard product.

According to the Department of Defense, the definition of counterfeit products is: A counterfeit part is defined as a product produced or altered to resemble a product without authority or right to do so, with the intent to mislead or defraud by presenting the imitation as original or genuine.

Where do the counterfeit parts come from?

Counterfeit parts enter the market several ways but primarily through recycling e-waste and unauthorized manufacturing. USBid is vigilant about testing and verifying the electronic components we offer.

Recycling e-waste

Many counterfeit components enter the market through recycling e-waste. Almost 3 million tons of electronic e-waste is produced in China each year. Some of these materials reenter the market disguised as new parts. Parts pulled from e-waste go through several processes in which the indents and pins are fixed, they are polished and go through tinning to make them seem new. Later these parts bear re-markings such as quality level, date codes, device types and lots.

Unauthorized manufacturing

Some electronic component manufacturers that produce genuine parts also make other versions of those products that are not authorized. These unauthorized parts are sold through another outlet. These electronics may not have gone through proper testing, were fallouts that did not meet specification, should have been scrapped or are overruns. USBid’s AAA Test lab’s technical staff is expert at analyzing the components they deal with.

It is important to USBid that customers are satisfied with the parts acquired through us. We actively maintain certification requirements and continue to look for additional standards to promote the highest level quality products and services to the market. Learn more about our industry certifications. USBid's company policy is "Customer Satisfaction through continuous improvement" and quality is the foundation for achieving our goal.


Author   by Blog Admin
  January 1, 2019


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