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A Peek Inside Google Home

Voice-controlled technology is all around us. For several years smartphones and smart devices have been answerable to the command of our voices. This technology is so widely available that today’s children will not remember a time before voice-activated controls.

There are several devices that have contributed to the popularity of voice control. Apple’s Siri on the iPhone, Amazon’s Alexa on the Echo and Echo Dot, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google’s Home have all given ordinary people access to such amazing technology.

The Google Home is a relative newcomer to the voice-controlled scene.

What sets Google Home apart from the competition?

-Google’s internet search has long been heralded as the best internet search engine. When you search with Google Home, you are making use of Google’s vast database.

-Google Home can follow two commands at the same time. Want to dim the lights and put on some soothing music? No problem. Google Home can do both.

-If you use Google calendar your Google Home can sync with it. You can ask Google Home to tell you what’s on your calendar for the day. You can even add an event to your Google calendar.

-Google Home can sync with multiple Google accounts. It can even learn your voice as matched with your account. This feature is helpful in a houseful of Google accounts!

-According to The Wire Cutter Google Home also works with lights from Philips Hue, the Nest Learning Thermostat, and Samsung’s SmartThings hub.

-The Google Home also features seven color options whereas the Amazon Echo comes in black or white or, most recently, gray.

-Another well-used Google product is Google Maps. You can ask Google Home about an address or distance to a location, but as of May 2017, it cannot give directions, although Google expects it will in future updates.

The bottom line is that if you are already entrenched is using Google products, Google Home could be the right home assistant for your home.

Another thing that makes Google Home a great choice is that USBid, Inc. can help you prevent the product from becoming obsolete. USBid, Inc. carries some of the chips that are inside the device. If anything ever goes wrong with the Google Home, simply order a replacement part from USBid, Inc.

Inside the Google Home, there are a variety of capacitors including Atmel ATSAMD21 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0+ microcontroller

This capacitor enables the device to be able to pinpoint where your finger is pressing on the top of the Google Home.

USBid, Inc. also carries one of the chips on the motherboard, the Samsung K4B4G16 512 MB B-Die DDR3 SDRAM

As the opportunity for everyday technology increases, so will the chance that the devices you come to rely on become obsolete. If you are ever faced with the need for obsolete parts, don’t despair. Contact USBid, Inc. We are famous for supplying obsolete and hard-to-find parts to individuals and businesses around the globe.


Author   by Admin
  January 22, 2018


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