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3 Ways to Solve your Excess Inventory Problem

Bob recently took a walk in his warehouse and discovered several boxes of electrical components left from a customer’s order that was cancelled. There was another group of electrical components that were leftover parts from projects completed long ago. On another warehouse shelf, he discovered a box of parts that had been ordered by mistake.

After work Bob pulled his car into his garage and looked over at his work bench. There sat another few boxes of electrical components. At supper that night, his wife asked him (again) what his plan was for the extra parts. Bob said he didn’t know. He knew of guys who spent time selling extra parts online, but when would he have the time to do that? How would he know what a fair price is for each part? That would take a lot of research time. And would he have to test each individual part to be sure they were in working order? Where could he even sell the parts so that other people who were actually looking for these parts would be able to find them? Plus, even if they did sell, that would mean buying shipping supplies and numerous trips to the post office. Selling the electrical components himself sounded like such a hassle. But what was he going to do with all these extra parts?

Sound familiar? For businesses all across the country, excess inventory is a problem. First of all, there is the waste of the money on the initial purchase of the parts. Then there is the expense and space that storing the unused parts takes up.

There is a better way for you to handle your surplus wisely without the headache of selling the parts yourself.

USBid, Inc. has an Excess Inventory Management program. We can do the work for you in selling your excess inventory. There are three different ways we can help:


One option is to send your excess inventory to USBid, Inc with a spreadsheet of the SKU information. Then we inspect, count, catalogue, and store the items keeping them marked as your product for sale. As the parts sell, we mail you a check for approximately 50% of the current market value. Easy. You get the money. We do the work. All you need to do is wait for the check in the mail.


If you are looking to recoup more of your money, the credit program would be a good option for you. This option is particularly for businesses who will need to purchase electronic components going forward. Send the excess inventory to USBid, Inc where it will be inspected and counted. USBid, Inc will offer you spot market cash value for the inventory in the form of credit towards future USBid, Inc purchases.


If you need a quick recovery from your surplus inventory, we will make you a cash offer. This can be done by supplying us with a list of what you have for sale, or by simply calling us and speaking to one of our representatives. Once you accept our offer, simply mail us the parts. You receive your check and the transaction is complete. There is no further involvement with the excess inventory on your part.

USBid, Inc. understands that excess inventory happens in the business. We are here to assist you so that you can move your excess inventory from collecting dust on a shelf to giving you money for future projects. With 700,000 registered buyers from more than 200 countries, USBid, Inc has the customer base you need for selling your surplus electronic components.


Author   by Admin
  October 19, 2016


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