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Integrated Circuit (IC) Decapsulation and Die Verification
Non-Destructive Testing

A new Jet Etch decapsulation in the lab that is used to examine semiconductor die embedded in plastic epoxy packages for authenticity.

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September 01, 2019 · By Blog Admin

Low-Cost Electrical Test for Semiconductors
Non-Destructive Testing

Sentry is a PC driven product and uses a sophisticated PinPrint Test Analysis algorithm to check the authenticity of parts in seconds. USBid, Inc. utilizes this powerful technology for determining counterfeit electronic component parts.

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August 01, 2019 · By Blog Admin

Visual Inspection Techniques
Non-Destructive Testing

To complete our inspection process, we are at our technician's inspection station where we will upload our photographs, input data, such as our caliper measurements, and that will complete the visual inspection.

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June 01, 2019 · By Blog Admin

AS6081: Fraudulent/Counterfeit Electronics Part: Avoidance Detection, Mitigation, and Disposition Distributors
Non-Destructive Testing

USBid is committed to being a reliable distributor of electronic components, including end-of-life and obsolete semiconductors, and other allocated or hard-to-find products. As a part of our commitment we certify SAE International's counterfeit electronic parts risk mitigation standards.


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February 01, 2019 · By Blog Admin

Combating Counterfeit Components with the Keyence VHX-950 Digital Microscope
Non-Destructive Testing

USBid is committed to providing clients with authentic products. Vigilance is important in combating the problem of counterfeit electronic components. AAA Test Lab employs several methods to ensure products are inspected for authenticity.

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December 01, 2018 · By Blog Admin

Mechanical Inspection - Measurements: Counterfeit Electronic Component Detection Technique
Non-Destructive Testing

In addition to comparing the measurements to the data sheet, the inspector will also watch for thickness variations. When the inspector measures diagonally and from end to end, there should be (almost) no variation between the two. Any slope or unevenness in the thickness can be the result of sanding.

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July 01, 2018 · By Blog Admin

Gary Heyes - 2015 ERAI Executive Conference Guest Speaker
Non-Destructive Testing

It is that time a year when ERAI hosts their annual "Executive Conference". USBid's very own Gary Heyes will be an honored guest speaker, and will be speaking on USBid's subsidary company AAA Test Lab.  

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April 20, 2015 · By Blog Admin

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