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Category: Optocouplers
Package Type: DIP
Status: Approved
Availability: Please Call  Qty: 910

Price: Click or Call (321) 725-9565

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USBid has sourced and supplied part number QCPL2794 and similar parts since 1998. For fastest service, please use the Quote Form for an immediate response, often in less than one business day. USBid, Inc. is the global marketplace for electronic components with over 450,000 line items of obsolete, allocated and discontinued electronic components. Part number QCPL2794 and our other In-Stock parts ship within 1-5 days depending upon the location of our warehouse.

Part Description


Manufacturer Description

The Hewlett-Packard Company or HP was founded in 1939 and headquartered in Palo Alto, CA. It provides personal computing devices, enterprise and industry standard servers, related storage devices, networking products, software and a diverse range of printers and other imaging products. HP started producing semiconductors in the early 1960s and eventually spun out Agilent Technologies in 1999 which was responsible for sales and marketing of the Test & Measurement and Semiconductor products of HP. In 2005, the semiconductor portion was spun out to form Avago Technologies, a Singaporean company with joint headquarters in San Jose, CA. Most of the parts listed in this portion of USBid's catalog reflect the semiconductor products from HP which included Amplifiers, Mixers, Diodes, Attenuators, Switches, Multipliers and Limiters.

Package Description

In microelectronics, a dual in-line package (DIP) is an electronic device package with a rectangular housing and two parallel rows of electrical connecting pins. The package may be through-hole mounted to a printed circuit board or inserted in a socket. Dual-in-line packages were developed in the 1960s when the restricted number of leads available on transistor-style packages became a limitation in the use of integrated circuits. Increasingly complex circuits required more signal and power supply leads (as observed in Rent's rule); eventually microprocessors and similar complex devices required more leads than could be put on a DIP package, leading to development of higher-density packages. A DIP is usually referred to as a DIPn, where n is the total number of pins. For example, a microcircuit package with two rows of seven vertical leads would be a DIP14. The photograph at the upper right shows three DIP14 ICs. Common packages have as few as four and as many as 64 leads. Many analog and digital integrated crcuit types are available in DIP packages, as are arrays of transistors, switches, light emitting diodes, and resistors. DIP plugs for ribbon cables can be used with standard IC sockets.

Status Description

Approved: In production with listed manufacturer

Availability Description

We show QCPL2794 as being available to us from vendors in... Please Call.

Pricing Description

QCPL2794 pricing is dependent on quantity, availability and the level of testing required for this part. Please call (321) 725-9565 to talk to a sales representative.

Part Summary - QCPL2794
Status Approved
Package DIP
Pin Count 16
Lead Free NO
Category Optocouplers
Basic Part Information
Alternate Part(s) 0 Alternate Part(s)
Similiar Part(s) Similiar Part(s)
Datasheet No Datasheet Found
Stripped PN QCPL2794
RoHS Compliant NO
Condition New



  • Feedback was received for part no. QCPL2794 on this date.


  • Feedback was received for part no. QCPL2794 on this date.

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  • QCPL2794
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